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If you are going to hang something on your wall, nothing is cooler than an Eleven poster!

Will Millie win the Coming Soon International Award? Is Millie coming soon or has the already arrived? Well, it isn't important right now. An award nomination is an award nomination!


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During the UNICEF 70th Anniversary red carpet event, Millie Bobby Brown is asked about her Golden Globe nomination, her plans for the holidays and Season 2 of Stranger Things.


Pencil this one in to your diary: Millie will be coming to the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in June 2017!

Millie will be appearing at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2017, Saturday and Sunday, June 3rd and 4th, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here:

Millie will also be making an appearance at Wizard World Comic Con In Cleveland and tickets are available here.
OA's subtle reference to Stranger Things as reported by



"During the show's "present day" timeline—it's like a story-within-a-story type thing—one character runs home to find his sister on the couch smoking weed and watching TV. They sit around and talk, while in the background, you might notice, they're watching Stranger Things. The show is never fully in focus, and the audio is only light background noise, but there's no mistaking the scene where Will Byers crashes his bike, setting all the events of that series into motion.

And, really, it's a reference that makes total sense: In both shows, mysterious women with supernatural powers slip between alternate dimensions and are used in laboratory experiments that involve submerging the subject in water and listening to what happens in the other dimension. What we know about the universe of The OA is that exists where, like our own, Stranger Things is just something you binge-watch on the couch while high. But seeing as anything is possible in both these shows, what if the characters enter a third dimension where Prairie and Eleven exist in the same universe? The OA / Stranger Things crossover, anyone?"

STRANGER THINGS Christmas Chalk Art Time Lapse (14 hours in 2 minutes) by Linda C Lee​


0:00:00 Stranger Things Theme

0:00:15 Stranger Things Theme (Cybass Remix)

0:02:13 Stranger Things Theme (Julian Avila Remix)

0:04:40 Stranger Things Theme (Deadmau5 Remix)

0:06:30 Stranger Things Theme (C418 Remix)

0:08:09 Stranger Things Theme (Lunar Remix)

0:10:07 Fin Du Game !​